Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The day in pictures

Today was....busy, productive and a bit rough. And I'm going to warn you, I'm about to ramble on about it.

My sister is getting married in less than a month (!) and I ordered my dress online. It saved a few bucks, they promised to deliver the same quality, etc. People, please. Don't ever, no, not ever do this.

Though I ordered a size larger than what I wear (just to have a little room to work with in case of a, ahem...discrepancy), but I'm pretty sure the Chinese dressmakers envision us American girls as 6 feet somethings with teensy-tiny waists and gargantuan, enormous, tip-you-over, "hello, Dolly!"... bosoms.

Because that's what it looks like. I knew some modifications would have to be made, but oh my sweet heavens. It's so bad, one alterations lady flat out told me there was no hope for the dress.

Well, that's not an option, lady!

So anyway, back to our day....we went 2 mins down the road and met Mr. Hong. I'm pretty sure Mr. Hong is the dress whisperer. He has promised to make everything in my life ok again (but I need to "we-ah bra"). I love him.

Then, we hit our neighborhood Super Target to buy 2 birthday gifts and then find a strapless bra...and just for kicks, let's go ahead and try on cute bathing suit tops. Now, this is why I need to never go out in public without a level-headed chaperone. With 2 little boys, a good idea that was not.

We get home exhausted and with nerves thoroughly shot to heck. I'm looking at the clock to see if it's too early for a beer. My conscience kicks in and I decide what I really need is to pray instead. Small victories, right?

Apparently, I got the boys their lunch and high-tailed to my bedroom because all I remember is noticing the quiet and, upon entering the kitchen, saw this poor sight.

(Yep, he's sleeping with his eyes slightly opened.
Yep, it really freaks me out too.)

In the midst of me trying to recover from the elation of winning my Mother of the Year award, this little cutie grabbed the camera...

found me changing Manny's diaper....

(Because who doesn't look like this when dealing with a screaming mad, diaper-rashed little boy. The people who didn't win the award. That's who.)

and then decided to give you a tour of his favorite things in our house. I found the theme to be very interesting.

The barn in his bedroom, right beside his bed.

"Goodnight Moon"...a book we sometimes read to him before bed.

Our bedroom, where he ends up sleeping at some point
during the night, despite constant warnings, pleadings and

And that takes us to about 1:00pm. Are you tired yet?

Between then and now there was exercise and laundry and vacuuming and scrubbing bathrooms and doing dishes and preparing dinner and MUCH impatience and discipline and crying and whining and directing and bathing and picking up repaired vehicles and now, GLORY, it's bedtime.

And this, friends, is why there's not a family member #5 on the way quite yet.

So there you have it. Aren't you glad you asked how my day was? :)

Now, please tell me I'm not the only one with bald patches at the end of the day.


Corey said...

Oh, Dana. I COMPLETELY understand. I'm ashamed to say that there are times when I take Jacob to Friday's for dinner, not "to see Teddy" like I tell him, but really more "to waste as much time as humanly possible before he is at home, bored, driving me crazy, and tearing my house apart before bedtime." And that's just my ONE kid. And I'm not a stay-at-home-mommy, mind you. It's not like I need these distractions because I've been locked indoors with my child all day. I need these distractions because the 3 hours between the time I pick him up from daycare and the time I lay his sweet, angelic head upon his pillow are LONG, LONG hours. So rest easy, sweet friend, it's not just you. :)

Kelly said...

I would like to meet your seamstress/seamster/whatever the masculine form of seamstress is. Tailor? Who knows. He sounds hilarious. I am reminded of the dress fitting scene from My Best Friend's Wedding where the lady says, "You don't want those things to fall out."

court said...

love this. you are so funny. i adore your sense of humor! and that is definetly something you have to be thankful for at the end of a crazy day!!! can't wait to see the dress in person! you should have taken before and after pictures! :P hope the dress whisperer fixes all!