Thursday, April 22, 2010

Need a Mother's Day gift idea?

Sweet, sweet Katie....

I love (and sometimes cringe) to read what pours out of that girl's soul. So real. So challenging. So good for rich, American me.

She just wrote a beautiful post about some of the people she's serving in Uganda. It's the one from April 20th. (For some reason, she doesn't title a lot of her posts so I can't link you to the direct post, but it's easy to find.)

Reading about these precious women she's pouring her life into fills me with more compassion than I knew I had. Each one has a hard, hard, hard story, but they have reached in my heart and given me courage to try to help, and hope when it's not enough (and it's not).....because Jesus can make all things beautiful. Death, disease and poverty does NOT have to be the end of their story (or ours).

And as you read, you see how death is being defeated there....over and over and by one by one.

Ahhh....just so good to read.

Anyway, one of the many ways she's helping these ladies is by teaching them to make paper bead necklaces. Have you heard of them? They're apparently a big hit in Uganda right now.

And have you seen them?! There's no wonder! They're so bright and colorful and beautiful!

I mean, if anyone named JOSH was reading this, I certainly wouldn't mind receiving one... ;)

And they directly help the very people God calls us to help....

(from Katie's blog)

Katie has teamed up with 147 Million Orphans.

You can buy the necklaces on their website ($18), and Katie says that they'll be putting up more pictures of them soon. But don't just listen to me....go read her stuff! God is speaking through that girl.


Sushi Girl said...

I have one of those necklaces from Uganda, My friends who are missionaries sent me one back with someone who went there..:) Pretty cool huh:)

Meghann said...

I know this isn't the point of you post- but oh my goodness could that little girl get any I am sorry she could not! Precious. Pretty necklaces too. :)

Our church supports and org. called WAR (Women at Risk) and they do a similar thing but are focused on getting women out of sex trafficking (sp).