Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ariosa de Isaiah

This was all I could get typing as fast as I could while he sang his little heart out, completely unaware.

Apparently, the bible stories have made an impression....and someone named Albert.

...she didn't know it was her daddy's plate
she didn't mean to break it
she wanted to tape it together
but she didn't know it was her other daddy's plate
but she didn't know it was Albert's plate.
oh, hey there!
but they didn't know
when mary was married and she was gonna have a baby
she went to there and she saw a shepherd
but they didn't know Mary was going to have a baby
but they didn't know
they didn't know
they didn't didn't ever ever know
they didn't know
they didn't ever not ever know
their dad did not know they broke the plate
but it made a sound
it made just one
traveling down to Timnah
but he didn't know there was a lion that was strong and attacked him
it attacked him
samson and the....
it hurted
it really hurted
but people did not know he got out...

Tips are greatly appreciated.


Hilary Ann said...

haha, so cute . . . i think the part about alberts broken plate is from a veggie tale movie . . . sad that i can remember that, i know . . .

Kelly said...


Anonymous said...

Encore! Encore!

-from Nana

Meghann said...

um precious.

Sushi Girl said...

hahah hilarious! Did he actually make that whole thing up himself? Pretty impressive!

Josh and Dana said...

Good call, Hilary! He watches Veggie Tales a lot, but I never made that connection. :)

And yes, he made it all up. He starts singing and just keeps going and going and....

Mama Llama said...

my only tip is... move your plates a little higher. I have a feeling one might get broken soon. :) hilarious. charlotte makes up songs too..mainly about our family.

court said...

wish i could have been there. but he probably would have stopped singing!!