Thursday, April 08, 2010

Spring break means...

--hurrying to mow lawn, pack bags, pack food, load up, change oil and wash... van (!).

--sipping coffee on the porch... looking at the ocean waves.

--hurt feelings, hard conversations, sin revealed, much needed marriage maintenance and sweet forgiveness.

--dump trucks, shovels, wagons, beach chairs lugged to the sand.

--fun food that's horrible for you.

--DIY channel, Food Network and, for Josh, the Science channel.

--a few sniffles, sore throats and mild fevers.

--milkshakes and cuddling.

--walk to the trench.

--beach "treasures".

--meeting many strangers on the beach...thanks to wondering toddler.

--great naps.

--sand spurs.

--boys trunks hanging out to dry.

--sandy gummies.


--wagon rides.

--losing track of what day it is.

--magazines and books.

--walking around shops.

--digging holes until you get to water.

--running from chairs to ocean and back again...over and over and over.

--planning garden and shopping for bedroom makeover items.

Soooo don't want it to end.

(Pictures soon!)


nicole said...

I wish there were words to express how INCREDIBLY JEALOUS I am!! :-) I *heart* the beach SOOOOOOOO much!

Josh and Dana said...

Sounds like you need to make a trip with us, Nicole!!!

nicole said...

ummmmmm.... OK! :-)

Meghann said...

-- friends jealous.