Sunday, March 14, 2010

Welcome to my post of random, insignificant questions

Have you ever made your own yogurt?

(FYI, it's Random-Questions-and-Ramblings-from-Dana day here at the ol' bloggeroo.)

(picture from

I haven't but I'm really interested in trying it.

I just read all about it here and was VERY excited to read about making it in the crock pot here.

I'm on this kick right now of making stuff yourself. Actually, that's always a kick I'm on.

I aspire to DIY everything that is somewhat interesting to me. It's all about the thrill! The bragging rights! The (sometimes) satisfaction! The personalized, cutesy, artsy touches! The savings! The freedom!

(I like me some freedom, now)

For instance, I recently found this site that I have developed a major crush on. Actually, an emotional, needy, high school girl obesession, if you want to know the truth.

(Thank God I have a husband who will come pry my clawed, stuck fingers away from the mouse. I think he just wants to eat.)

(Does anyone remember the one when Chandler played Ms. Pac-Man so long he had the "claw hand"? Just wondering.)

So, my crush's name is Young House Love (no you can't have's mine and I neeeeed it!), and it belongs to a young couple who bought a small house and completely re-did the whole thing themselves. It is so cute and charming, I could pee myself.

Here's a small peek into a guest bathroom they did.

You should see the "before" picture.

The table the sink is on used to be a night stand. ahmygah.

Anyway, this post actually has nothing to do with them. I'm just ga-ga.

Recently, PW's Tasty Kitchen blog featured a post on making your own ingredients. It spoke to me. Now, she apparently live in the Town of Middleonowhere where the nearest grocery store is miles and miles away... so this especially makes sense for her.

But I am trying to tighten up on my grocery budget, and have two small children whom I dearly love, but prefer to take nowhere unless unlimited childcare, snacks, train rides and coffee are this makes sense for me too.

They have instructions for how to make oodles of stuff yourself from baking mixes to sour cream to taco seasonings to brown sugar to...wait for it.... Nutella. (and Kahlua. not that I noticed.)

(I mean, did anyone else know that it was just sugar and molasses?!)

(You did, didn't you?)

So, you dirty, little DIY-ers, here's another question for you:

What do you make yourself (doesn't have to be food-related)
that has completely changed your life forever?

Or has just been really helpful and worth doing again?

And just for fun, I think I'll take a little poll. I've been wanting to do that for awhile now.

It'll be somewhere around here (not sure how to do it yet), so make sure you add your vote!

Can't wait to hear your two cents!


Corey said...

I feel like a total loser upon reading this post. I make nothing myself. I mean NOTHING. I almost never cook at home, and when I do, it comes out of cans and bags and other such containers. I don't sew or build things or do any sort of DIY projects. I wonder if that would be different if I had more energy?

Ashley said...

I make my own bread and make lots of other foods I used to buy from scratch( like cookies, muffins etc). I haven't really tried to make other things although I would love to. I am always afraid to buy supplies, then the thing I wanted to make not working out.

Betsy said...

Great post!! I make my own laundry detergent and it has cut our laundry detergent budget by like 98 percent cause it's so cheap to make... I also cloth diaper/wipe and make my own wipe solution. Again, I save a ton. I make our bread too...mainly cause it makes my house smell so good that you forget about the clutter and the cobwebs. Guess I'm a DIYer too! :)

Josh and Dana said...

Corey, you are NOT a loser! You are outside of your house a lot...I wouldn't do much of this stuff either!

Betsy, you're gonna have to tell me how you make your laundry detergent! I've seen recipes but always wondered if it would smell/feel good. What do you think?

Also, I just started making our bread too! So far, I really like it. Do you guys have any particular recipes you really like?

Betsy said...

I use the Duggar's recipe ( for my laundry detergent. It doesn't take much effort (maybe an hour's worth of time every 6 months). I use Fels Naptha soap as my bar soap for the detergent, and I've found that the clothes are clean but they don't have any scent coming out of the washer. IF I want a scent, I just add a little Downy fabric softener (but since Isaac has such sensitive skin and so many allergies, we actually prefer no scents...) You can also add essential oil to the detergent to get a nice smell. I've never done this, but I bet it'd work well.

As far as feeling soft - I haven't noticed any difference with this detergent and the All Free&Clear that I had been using. I've used this homemade detergent for over a year, and I love it!! Let me know if you have any questions if you decide to give it a try. :)

Kelly said...

I feel bad because I voted but didn't comment.

We do a lot of things ourselves to save money and because we're control freaks. Does homeschooling count as a DIY project? If not, we still do home haircuts (giggle), I sew, bake, and garden. And we almost always eat at home with from -scratch food. Convenience foods cost more and usually have yucko stuff in them.

Kelly said...

Oh, and Beth does homemade yogurt on a regular basis (of course she does!). If you need help, I'm sure she'd be happy to assist you.

Sushi Girl said...

I've made yogurt, and brown sugar, and a few other things. I still prefer greek yogurt to the homemade kind, maybe though one of these days I will get to stay home more and perfect the recipe:)

Betsy said...

Ohhh yes! Greek yogurt is delish! I make my own by straining regular yogurt in a strainer lined with cheesecloth. So yummy AND high in protein. :)

Josh and Dana said...

Yes...on one of the yogurt links there are instructions for greek yogurt. She did the cheesecloth method too. I can't wait to try to make my own!

And Kelly, I'm working hard at learning to cut hair (without clippers). Did you just do trial and error or was there anything that helped you learn?

You guys are so resourceful! I love this discussion!!!!

Corey said...

Reading all these comments has made me really want to start doing things at home. I seriously want to run to the grocery store right this second and start buying raw ingredients.

Actually Dana, I came back to comment again because I wanted to tell you that I followed your link for Young House Love, and I am OBSESSED. Those people are like the ultimate DIY home renovation, decoration and organization super-couple!! I just wanted to thank you for posting it. It has given me so many good ideas, and maybe someday if I ever own my own home, I will put some of them to use. :)