Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I googled "blue bedroom" and... OH!


I just had to share a few of my favorites to aid in all your deciding about what my bedroom should look like.

Because I'm most committed to helping you help me. :)

You'll need to read the post before this one to get a clear picture.

Here are a few of the things I like about each one.


Color contrast. Love the silver lamps and crisp, white bedding.

Again, dark furniture with cute accessories...likey, likey.

I am absolutely in LOVE with tuffted headboards. Probably not white, but still....

Oooh....the headboard!

Colors, textures, lighting, comfy bed....

More of the same stuff I really like....clean lines, fluffy bedding, contrast, warm, soothing....

*Slight disclaimer-ish: I'm tempted to want ALL of this. But. I'm trying to be careful to remind myself in this whole process that this world is not my home. My treasure is not here. I don't want to toil and labor on that which does not ultimately satisfy....and this stuff won't. What I do want is a calm, soothing, inviting place in our home for just Josh and me So, our plan is to use what God has blessed us with and make the best of it, without spending our non-existent life savings. Think: lots and lots of paint. :)