Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The BM of 2010... Phase One

If you've been wondering when I would ever update about our bedroom again, I forgot to mention that we're slow movers over here. Sorry.

Life just gets in the way during the week and, honestly, it's hard to get motivated to redo an entire bedroom during our precious weekends when we can barely drag ourselves out of bed to feed the children.

I think we need one of those shows to come ring our doorbell, gasp in complete horror at what they see, watch us blubber about what all our junk means to us, tell us to put our big people underwear on and, for the love, DO SOMETHING.

But before one of ya'll call Neicy to come deal with all our foolishness, I need to tell you that we actually did do something.

Remember this?


Josh and I were talking about our ideas for solving this problem and both of us agreed that we wanted it contained with doors so we could close up the chaos. Then the light bulb went off in Josh's brilliant mind as he remembered that one of the pieces of furniture we inherited when his grandmother passed away was an armoir!

We went and got the thing, and immediately were crushed to see that it was clearly not designed to fit a tv or computer. We could either go buy a different one or break out the Very Manly Power Saws and do it our dang selves.

I think you already know what Josh chose.

Then we had to deal with the issue of getting rid of a rather large dresser that held most of Josh's clothes.

Yeah. I don't like to dust.

I somehow managed to purge my dresser and give Josh two WHOLE drawers. I have never sacrificed so much. I hope he sees that.

I told him that I felt like our marriage just went to a whole new level of intimacy now that we were, for the first time in our marriage, sharing a dresser.

Nothing can stop us now. This is truly what it means to cleave.

And here's the result.

Definitely not finished, but it's a start. We still plan on painting all the furniture. We just didn't want to wait to enjoy the functionality of an armoire.

That sounded a little bit sad, didn't it?

I also plan to find the cutest little chair you ever saw, throw the cutest little pillow you ever saw on it, and put it by the armoire. It'll be the cutest little thing you ever saw. I'm pretty excited about it.

Next dilemma...color. You guys offered really good advice. Thank you.

I took it and decided against red for the walls. We are now opting for a grayish-blue. Something soothing. Sounds simple, right?

I'm starting to twitch a little. Who knew there were that many shades of gray blues?
(and do you spell it "grey" or "gray"??? this is stressing me out)

Here's the inspiration, remember? Not that I want everything to match it. I just want it to all...

(I'm really good at describing exactly what I want in very descriptive terms.)

I think the picture is making some of the paint chips look WAY more blue than they do in person... especially the ones at the bottom.

I won't tell you my favorites yet. I need your brain to be a clean slate. And then I need it to tell me what you think.

And solve all my problems.

My biggest questions right now are:

1) Do I paint all the furniture a dark espresso color?

2) Should I paint the armoire an accent color or something a little more rugged....and if so, what do I do with the handles? I think I want a little splash of something interesting there.

Now, break into groups of 3 or 4, appoint a group leader, and come up with something brilliant.

We'll meet back here in 15.



Doria said...

Umm... Dana... about the title... I really thought that this was going to be about something you found in Manny's diaper... or a little present Isaiah left you somewhere... and then I thought "would she really blog about that?"

Anyways, I will do some collaborating on all the lovely information you provided and report back... "in 15"... minutes or days... depending on my ADD.

Kelly said...

I was going to say the same thing! Did you intend the "BM" and the phrase "slow movers" in the same post?!

My advice is to opt for more gray than blue. I painted my kitchen a similar color and it came out just a tad too blue.

Josh and Dana said...

Ha! I did know the title might bring these comments (esp from my family!), and thought I'd just sit back and enjoy whatever came of it. I did NOT however catch the "slow movers" part. Now I'm laughing at my own stuff!

And Kelly...agreeing with you on the more gray than blue thing.

Hilary Ann said...
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Hilary Ann said...

I also agree w/ the more gray than blue and my top choices of your batch (at least as seen on my computer) are the left one on the top row and the middle on the 2nd row.

And I would opt for painting all the furniture the same color. Since the furniture isn't all from the same set, it will give it a cohesive look if it's all the same color. And then you can play around with pops of color on your cutest little chair and cutest little throw pillow.

One thing I noticed about your "sample pictures" from the next post was that though the furniture was all beautiful, none of it played the role of a focal point. You obviously noticed that it was there, but it blended into the background and your eyes were drawn to the colors in the room or art on the walls.

Just my 2 cents =)

Oh, and the armoire looks perfect as a hidden desk. Great job on step 1!!

Corey said...

I'm going to follow the crowd on the more gray than blue vote, however, don't go too gray, because that's just depressing.

As for the furniture, I agree that it should all be one color, and dark espresso sounds nice. I think it will complement the wall color beautifully.

If you want a little pop of contrast you can mess with that in your fabrics: your curtains, your bedding, your throw pillows, or any wall art you may choose.

As to the hardware on the armoire, I definitely think silver as opposed to gold, and I tend to lean towards nickel. Depending upon other finishes in the room, you can decide between brushed or polished. For example, if you had those 2 shiny silver lamps (which were gorgeous, btw), then it would make more sense to do polished finishes. But brushed can often come off looking softer and more muted, which you might enjoy with your calm, soothing grayish-blue.

And for what it's worth, it has been proven that blue walls bring out creativity, so I think this will be a perfect little haven from which you can blog your sweet little heart out.