Monday, December 21, 2009

What I'm loving right now....updated with more thoughts and pictures :)

Just because I'm sure most of you woke up on this Monday morning before Christmas and thought "I wonder what Dana's really into right now?"

Well, wonder no further. Rest your hearts. Take a deep breath.

Cause I'm about to tell you.

I have no idea what kind of order this is. Probably in an order somewhat resembling what of these things I enjoyed last.

I'm known for my organizational skills, btw.

And clear sentence structure.

1. Chris Tomlin's "Glory in the Highest" Christmas album. Kristin told me about it this morning (hi, Kristin) and how worshipful it is. She wasn't kidding. It's beautiful, simple and goes deep into the heart of why we worship Jesus.

Exactly what my heart needs today.

2. Now don't make fun of this one's awesome and I don't care what you say. :) I found this extremely realistic, virtual fireplace that lasts for TEN minutes! Crackles, pops, everything. I've fallen asleep to it (and then got made fun of) several times already. It's fantastic. Really.

Warning: there's creepy music at the end when it's over, but put that thing on a loop and you're good to go.

3. And what am I doing while I'm all cozied up next to my amazing, life-like, can-practically-feel-the-virtual-warmth-and-smell-the-virtual-marshmallows fireplace/screen??? Reading THIS.

Um, it's attached to my hand. Right now. Can't....stop....reading.

Actually, it's like Josh says, I can't want to. (Pronounced "caint" and "wawnt.")

And from what I've heard, the whole series is like this.

And please don't mistake me for a reader. I'm not naturally. I enjoy it, but it's not my go-to way to relax. This book is just that good. In fact, everything I've ever read by her is that good.

4. Just made these marshmallows to go with peppermint and gingerbread hot chocolate mixes as gifts... and, surprisingly, they're easy to make and taste great! I didn't know marshmallows were supposed to taste that way!

They're like little pillowy clouds of white delight.

Kinda like me. ;)

5. This hot chocolate mix. Alton Brown must have superpowers. One is called genius culinary intuition. The other he shares with my husband.... awesomeness.

You're welcome, babe.

And don't skip the pinch of cayenne pepper. It makes it sexy.

I've added crushed candy canes for peppermint flavor as well as cinnamon, ground cloves, allspice and a little ground ginger for gingerbread flavor.

I've also never been a bigger fan of using milk from a box. It's what separates this recipe from the sad, thin ones I tried.

Sometimes thicker is just better.

Oh! Let me not take credit for all of these kitchen endeavors.

I am always, always, always accompanied by my trusty sidekick whenever embarking on a recipe that calls for 1 or more cups of sugar.

Putting together oreo turkeys is tricky, but I can assure you....not a head nor body came rolling off. Isaiah is now an oreo turkey artist.

6. Our first REAL tree!!! And oh the smells it fills our house with!

(and needles, but who cares)

(Manny's blowing ya'll a kiss. Hence the pucker. He doesn't always look like that, ok?)

7. This one is the BEST OF ALL. Watching said cutie patootie embarking on the glorious adventure called walking.

More adventurous for some than others (right, sweet little niece of mine?). ;)

I really believe these precious few moments getting to watch the first steps a human being takes is one of the highest privileges of being a mom. No kidding.

I've loved every single second of it. It's just freaking adorable.

Hope ya'll keep loving the stuff you're loving!


Anonymous said...

Oh that CD is SO good! Glad you're enjoying it.

Love you! Kristin

Kelly said...

Alton Brown = genius. He is responsible for my Thanksgiving turkey and gravy success.

Hilary Ann said...

oooooo . . . saw that recipe for the hot cocoa last week and I've been wanting to try it, now I HAVE to! do you mix it w/ hot water or warm milk? And the marshmallows look amazing. I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow during naptime =)

Josh and Dana said...

Thanks for telling me about it, Kristin!

And Kelly, I'll have to keep him in mind if I ever get brave enough to try my hand at turkey and gravy. :) I LOVE his recipes.

Hillary, since there's dry milk in the recipe I just use hot's REALLY good. Way better than store bought, I think.

Anonymous said...

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