Tuesday, December 01, 2009

And since you're shopping....

Ok, here's the post I mentioned earlier. This is a compilation of ways to be Jesus to the needy and forgotten AND get someone a Christmas gift.... AT THE SAME TIME (!!!!!). I'm sure I will forget some so I will add to the bottom of each category as I go. This is in no particular order.

Help bring clean water and other life-saving resources to Africa:

--Junk Posse -- awesome, funky jewelry!

--Millepedebead -- be sure to look at listed with "Non-Profit" in the title.

--Water4Christmas -- they seem to adding to their shop daily.

--Swirls of Creativity -- in conjunction with "Water 4 Christmas."

--White Hall Trading Co -- pimp your blog! All proceeds from blog banners go to "Water 4 Christmas."

--Copper Boom -- all proceeds going to "Water 4 Christmas."

**Basically, go to Etsy.com and search "Water 4 Christmas." Lots of shops have teamed up with their efforts and are doing a GREAT job!

--Aprons for Africa

--Saint's Coffee -- skip the Starbucks and make a REAL difference (sorry, Starbucks). I've ordered from them before and the coffee was great.

--Just Love Coffee Roasters -- haven't tried them yet, but I LOVE their vision....like, I want a job with them.

--Samaritan's Purse Gift Catalog -- especially if you missed the shoe boxes like I did, which, btw...they say it's not too late yet to pack one!

--Compassion for Christmas -- even if you're unable to sponsor a child monthly, you can give a donation....100% goes DIRECTLY to a needy family

--Sweet Sleep -- provide beds, blankets, mosquito nets and bibles to children in Ethiopian regions that have been war-torn by the LRA.

Help bring orphans into loving arms:

--Sugarplum Boutique



And while I tend to talk a lot about big picture, orphans in Africa...kind of stuff...I was reading in Luke 16 the parable "The Rich Man and Lazarus." What struck me hard about that parable was that Lazarus (the poor, bloody, hungry man the rich man would not help) was laying at the rich man's gate. His gate! Like, his mailbox! There was no way to not notice him. I'm sure he had to walk past him, and intentionally ignore his groans when he left his house.

It just made wonder...who's at my gate? Who has (or will) God bring to my immediate attention? God, give me Your eyes to see and Your heart to love and serve.

Oh! And if you know of other places we can shop or contribute to others who need more, let us know!

Happy Giving!