Friday, June 06, 2008

And while I'm blogging....

I have a few random questions....

--When preparing for a newborn and have a toddler what kind of crib do you buy? Do you give the newborn the crib you already have and get a toddler bed (don't think he's ready for that yet)?

--If you've used a double stroller, what kind do you prefer? A side-by-side or a tandem (one in front of the other)? If you're really happy with your double stroller, what kind is it?

--When you haven't cleaned your oven in 5 years what gets out impossible crud without soaking your lungs with chemicals?

--When you haven't cleaned your cloth shower curtain in 5 years how do you wash it without ruining it?

I think that's about it for now.


Kelly said...

1. We went hard-core on the toddler bed training. This included many afternoons of me sitting outside the door reading and disciplining him when he got out of bed. But he went into the toddler bed before 18 months because Ben came so quickly after him! One thing that helped is that we bought a regular bedrail and mounted it on the side of the toddler bed, so it went the length of the bed. It made it a bit more like a crib, but he still needed a lot of "encouragement" to stay in there.

2. My double stroller was a beast. It was a tandem, but I think it was just generally too heavy. I hated it.

3. Do you have a self-cleaning feature (I'm guessing no??!)? I guess I'd try baking soda paste and some hard scrubbing.

4. What kind of fabric is it? If it's sturdy, try the cold, gentle cycle first and then if it survives you could probably do more than that if you would like to....

Nicole said...

1. train train train him to sleep in a bed! We put Emma in a twin bed when she was 25 months. I had to sit outside her door for several days during nap, but never at night.

2. you saw y stroller today...LOVE it!

3. only thing i know is self cleaning cycle...sorry!

4. i concur with Kelly about washing it.

Madeira girl said...

Ok, I am a bit late on reading this post. I agree with the others on a bed. I did at one point have two cribs, but that was when they were 16 months apart. I only used that for those kids, and every other time made them transition to a bed (which, actually, they all loved!) As for the stroller, I LOVE the Graco Duo Glider (I actually just sold mine!:( )Anyway, it is light, easy to collapse, drives well (pushes, I mean:) ) and is a great stroller. I used mine for over 6 years and it held up VERY well. I would throw away the curtain... and forget about the oven if it is not self cleaning. :) My 2 (times 2) cents.