Friday, June 06, 2008

I was on the Today Show last night

It was my first time there, of course and the set my segment was on was a stage. I couldn't believe that only about 10-12 people were in the audience outside of the camera crew and producer. The back stage area was bare except for a few props like chairs, a lit mirror for last minute hair and makeup fixes, a table with glasses and a water pitcher, etc.

I was a wreck. No one really spoke to me once I was back stage because they were all running around getting ready for their segment. The co-hosts only came out of their dressing rooms for their 3 mins and then went back into hiding. In fact, the only one I remember really seeing was Hoda. She was nice, but in a hurry.

I already had my packet of info that listed all the segments in order and the main points they covered. I was told which segment was mine, but there were no prompts whatsoever on how to begin the segment or what to say during it. I think they just expected me to know that and I was trying desperately to cover up that I didn't. It was my very first day and I was FREAKING out. No one asked if I had questions...I finally stopped a lady who was also in a hurry and gave one word answers.

Then it was my turn. I was right after a commercial break, during which they told me where to stand on the stage and which camera to look at. I knew the few people in the audience were there to size me up and see if I would work out. They counted me down (again, no prompter) and I got through the beginning with basic interviewing skills I had learned (like how to sound upbeat and have a good opener). I was holding my segment outline by my side out of sight of the cameras and it was a good thing because right after my "Welcome back to the Today Show. I'm Dana Hartness and today we're taking a look at how..." I went completely blank. I stopped mid-sentence and rummaged through my papers. I managed to get out a little chuckle and a small joke about it being my first day before someone yelled, "Cut!"

I had no idea this was pre-recorded segment...I guess they didn't want to take a chance going live with a rookie.

Apparently, at that point in the dream my brain couldn't take the inevitable rejection that was coming so I never found out if they fired me or not. I did learn, however, that apparently, in my subconscience, there is a hidden desire to star on a morning show. Ahh...pregnancy.


Kelly said...

YES! I LOVE pregnancy dreams! They're so vivid!

Unfortunately I have forgotten most of mine, so good for you for writing this down.

Nicole said...

LOL! Let us know when your episode airs! I don't want to miss it!! ;-)