Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Update on the little people

Life with Isaiah these days can be characterized by words like nonstop, off the walls, off the furniture, rambunctous, gut laughing one minute, ready to claw eyes out the next (this describes me), new words, A LOT of bananas, running, throwing balls, major Daddy attachment, sweet kisses all the time, playing hard until he's red in the face, endless discovery of new "no-no's" and great interest in the old ones.

He still loves to sing "E, I, O" which is Old MacDonald and a new song called, "Ho, Ho-sanna" that I sang as a little girl. He just sings, "Ha, ha, ha, ha." He is still REALLY into phones...especially cell phones and often calls people when I don't know it so if you've gotten a hang up recently from us, I promise it wasn't me. The other thing that he loves doing is hiking one leg up on the couch, pull himself up and then jump all over the couch...we're working on sitting on our bottoms :)

He's now saying no, yes (sometimes), Daddy, Momma, Nana (for my mom and banana), Papa, Pop, Ma (Max), Buddy (my parent's dog), nose, ear, eye, toes, knee, ball, cookie, hey, bye-bye, ba (bath), shoes, sock, k! (ok!), men! (Amen!), and tries to repeat what we say all the time...and yes, I know that's scary.

He's also been pointing at my tummy and saying, "Baby? Baby?" I'm pretty sure he's really trying to say "belly button" -OR- he's a genius child with crazy perception abilities.

Because there IS a baby in there! A lot of you knew that, but this is the first time I've blogged about it so here's an update: I'm 10 weeks, due Oct 3rd and got to see our little one for the first time yesterday. The ultrasound tech wasn't there, but Dr. Jones wanted to see the heartbeat so he attempted it himself. We saw the sweet little flicker of a heartbeat, but only for a second because the little bit was kicking and flipping around. Then I laughed, moved too much and right when he found it again the screen went blank. So no pictures, but we were thrilled to get to see that! I have been fighting to not be anxious as I waited 6 weeks to know anything, but God was really sweet to me and gave me a lot of grace in that that I tend to struggle in a lot.

So, we are both really healthy, and I'm blessed to not get sick in pregnancy...just tiredness and a lack of patience :)

(Now I get to add my own little baby widget!)


Shawnda said...

Praise the Lord for seeing the heartbeat!!!!! Rejoicing with you!

Scotty and Lisa said...

Hooray!! I'm excited to be in the club with such great ladies...:) What a gift to not be sick-I'm praying that you continue to feel great throughout the pregnancy and look forward to sharing this experience through the blog. :)

Betsy Mauney said...

What wonderful news! We read your blog regularly and are so glad to be able to keep up with you, Josh, Isaiah and new little baby this way. We'd love to reconnect with you guys sometime!!
Betsy and Steven Mauney

meghann said...

no fair you didn't tell me!!!!!
congrats girl!!!!!!im so excited for you ALL!!!!
have you been feeling okay? tired?
that is so fun ours will be like less than 2 months apart!

Kelly said...

So happy for you guys. Hope you're feeling more energetic soon!

P.S. I love Dr. Jones!!

Betsy Mauney said...

Hi Dana!
Thanks for the message on our blog and great to hear from you! My email address is I'd love to catch up, so send an email my way if you get a chance!

Take care!

Nicole said...

Don't you just love seeing that little heartbeat?!? Rejoicing with you!!

Melanie said...

Congrats on the second addition!!! You'll love having 2, though it's very challenging!!! Blessings!