Friday, March 14, 2008

Driving me to drink

No, I'm not drinking anything other than water, but if I was an alcoholic today very well may have knocked me off the wagon. I have been frustrated and impatient ALL day. A ton of little things have added up and I have been harsh over and over.

This morning I kept my neice and nephew, who were not at all a problem, but it just seems that when other kids are here Isaiah is much more of a challenge. More fussy, whiny and slow to obey. I was a referee most of the time for the two boys who haven't quite learned how to share toys, and while I'm managing, redirecting, reminding, warning, disciplining, feeding, changing, etc Max was AWFUL. The last thing I needed! He doesn't listen anymore and runs away frequently. He terrified my nephew who doesn't like dogs, so he ended up in the garage while they were here. Then he woke Isaiah up from his much needed nap 3 times with constant barking at something in the yard. It didn't help that I've felt very tired today and was trying to rest myself.

Then, with a busy weekend ahead, I decided I should start planning for school Monday and the entire time I was online searching site after site and not finding what I need, the internet went out probably 10 times at least. And it continues to go in and out as I type this. Grrrrr....

Honestly, at this point I would love to include a nice, long quote or verse that gets at the heart of my sin. You know, something I've read that's convicted me and given me right perspective and would then turn and encourage you. Sorry, I'm not there yet. My heart is ugly right now. I really want the world to stop and cater to me because I'm low on energy and high on hormones these days. So, I'll go deal with that now, and maybe you could pray for me?

...and thanks for listening :)


Shawnda said...

I'm praying as you drive over here that our night together will encourage you and bless you!

love you, friend!

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Hilary Ann said...

Hey, I'm SO excited that you get to see Michael Buble tonight! (and a smidge jealous, I have to confess) Have a fantastic time and take lots of pictures!