Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Um, what?

This is what I keep hearing from people. Mainly, because I can't talk. I remember this when I was pregnant with Isaiah. Literally, words just don't come into my brain at the right time. I want to say something extremely simple and my mind goes blank. Some times I can't even start the sentence (it reminds me of a time when a friend was stuttering and kept beginning new sentences and I said, "So, which of those sentences do you plan to finish?" I know, mean right?)

Then, when the words come they are often too late and all in the wrong order. For example, instead of saying something like, "what about that is hard?" It will come out, "what hard is about that?" This happens ALL the time now. I just can't think of what to say. I know people who've been around me lately will think that this isn't all that true, but if you knew how long it took me to say the sentence in my head first to make sure it was right, you'd feel a little sorry for me.

All that to say, I really want to blog. But you might need a mirror to read it :) And yes, I edited and proof read this about 3 times before posting it.


Kelly said...

You're not as "thinkl" as people dumb you are, right?

All the blood that usually goes to your brain is slightly occupied with making sure your baby has ears and everything. So don't feel bad.

Shawnda said...

You are too funny! Welcome to pregnancy, right?!!! : )

Nicole said...

Unfortunately, as you might recall, it doesn't get much better until after you finish breastfeeding!! :-P