Thursday, May 03, 2007

They're doin' it like bunnies

Sorry...I couldn't resist. The other night our neighbor Jake came up to me holding something cupped in his hands saying, "Look at this!" Of course I didn't want to (thinking it would be gross) but when he opened up his hands there was a teeny, tiny little baby bunny about a day old....still with it's eyes closed. It was one of the cutest things I've ever seen and, it turns out, there's a nest at the edge of his yard with several more.

Josh just went to look at it and said the mommy was sitting on top of the nest watching him head toward her just until he was inches away. What a brave, protective momma! I feel sure she was hiding in tall grass nearby watching us.

It's so sweet how God put so many of the same desires and instincts in all of us mommies...big and small.

The nest was a little hole dug in the ground with this laying on top. A layer of grass and weeds and then a thick layer of fur to keep all the babies warm. So smart!

You really have to double click and enlarge these pictures to see how adorable they are. All snuggled up together in their cozy home their momma made for them.