Friday, May 18, 2007

Pictures in the park

My sister, brother, dad, neice, Josh, Isaiah and I met last week at Frank Lisk Park to take pictures of us kids for mom. It was a gorgeous afternoon there and I had forgotten how scenic that park is!

We took over 250 pictures of all of us and here are a few of my favorites (we are not professionals, mind you).

How it all started...

Me and my sister Doria trying to look sassy

Doria and her daughter Trinity (who's every bit as sassy as she is!)

Trinity with her prize for taking lots of pictures with us. She's wearing the flower necklace uncle Josh made for her on her head.

Family Pic....much harder than it looks.
(not pictured: Darren's fiancee Brittany who had to work)

Just the 3 of us....Me, Darren and Doria. Darren had to leave early so I don't have many pics of him.

Trying to get a kiss

Hanging out with Daddy in the tree tops.

Josh and Isaiah got pooed on! Poor boys....taking one for the team.

Not too happy.


Michelle said...

The pics are GREAT!

Shawnda said...

Those are SO FUN!!!!!

meghann said...

how sweet! i love the one with you closeing your eyes kissing isaiah! how did you put so many pics on the blog without having to seperate them into 2 posts?