Thursday, May 17, 2007

My first Mother's Day

What a day!!! We were so busy going to visit both of our mom's (and the rest of our extended families) so it was pretty late when we got home. We had a great day, and loved being able to take the opportunity to tell our moms once again how much we love them and treasure them in our lives. I'm very close to my mom so the day has always had a special place in my heart, but this year it reached a whole new level. I didn't know it would affect me so deeply. I love being a mommy to Isaiah!

I know there will be plenty of trying seasons ahead learning to parent and struggling with discipline issues and sin...but for right now, I have to say, there are few moments in the day that I don't just totally enjoy him and bask in his flirty little smiles and giggles. I have really enjoyed this season with him and will cherish these memories.

So here's what happened: We got home around 8:30pm and put Isaiah down. Then I had to stay in our bedroom while Josh "set up" the rest of the house. He had kept the door to the office locked (I know, he doesn't trust me not to peek) for the past several days working on his little mother's day project for me.

He has come up with some very creative gifts for me in the past, but this was one of my all time favorites. He planned a scavenger hunt for me using a powerpoint presentation on my handheld device to give me clues to different prizes hiding around the house. All the clues had something to do with being a mom to Isaiah and if I guessed the right answer I went to that location and found a prize like a starbucks card, mother's day cards, chocolate and flowers (I was very clear about wanting flowers)! It's hard to explain technologically how it all worked together (that's why I call him techno-geek) but it made me laugh, cry and love him even more. My favorite part was probably the super humbling and encouraging words he wrote in his cards to me. I'm truly undeserving!

Here are a couple of the slides:

***the prize was under the little camera over his crib that we use to see him on our video monitor.

*** The last slide. Reads: "I couldn't ask for a better wife or mother than you. You put up with so much from both of us boys, and I want you to feel extra special today. You're incredible and beautiful and I love you."

***The message I got if I chose the wrong answer....cute, honey.

***my big bouquet of gorgeous flowers. You should see the lilies in person!

Thank you, baby, for making my first Mother's Day one that I will remember and cherish the rest of my life. I feel so loved by you.


Shawnda said...

SO sweet!!! : ) Very creative, Josh!!! : ) Glad it was a good Mother's Day, friend!!!

Duree said...

What a precious family you are!!!