Monday, March 30, 2009

Finding a routine

I just read this post by SimpleMom and found it extremely helpful.

I have quite a few friends who schedule their days really well. I am more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-britches kind of girl...which has led to MUCH fun in the past (like a drive to Charleston and back in the middle of the night, a tandem bungie jump over a famous waterfall in Africa, a large hoop hanging from my get the picture).

However, I have apparently graduated from college and now have two kids that have to eat and a house that still doesn't clean itself.

SO....the question in my head has always been, "How does one even begin to think about what her routine should look like?" I don't want to copy someone else's because their life isn't like mine and I think I would get frustrated, but these tips help me think through what's most important, what REALLY needs to get done, what I already do and how to whiddle away all the other stuff without feeling guilty.

Super helpful.

So here are my 3 MIT's for today:

1. Fold and put away laundry.

2. Clip and sort coupons.

3. Keep kids alive and the house standing (because the other two are big tasks today).

What helps you decide on your routine?


Rebecca said...

Great link, Dana! I like what she said about having a schedule in stone and treating it like clay...that's such a great analogy! My rule of thumb with my to do list is to ask Nick what 3 things are most important to him for me to get done. For instance, he told me today he notices my demeanor is so much better when I can get showered before Kathryn is that's my goal- to try to make a morning schedule to make that a priority. I'm sometimes surprised at the things that are important to Nick, and it's helpful to use him as a "filter" when making my schedule.

stacey said...

i feel like i am constantly changing or re-thinking my schedule. (maybe that's b/c my circumstances are constantly changing too) :) i definitely need to grow in thinking of my schedule as flexible b/c i can get really hung up on it. like rebecca, i have asked dee what the 3 most important things are to him to have done around the house & i was surprised at his answers. they were small things to me and definitely manageable. one big things that affects my "success" in planning is my format in keeping it (paper, computer, planner, PDA). i really miss my palm pilot right now & am looking for a cheap way to replace the busted screen on mine.
by the way, you are doing great, dana! you've had a lot of changes too & you take care of your home and family really well.
love you!