Thursday, September 04, 2008


I know several people who are grieving right now....really grieving like over the loss of a fiance or a husband or a child or a mom. I am in no way experiencing that kind of grief, but today I'm really fighting tears and sadness.

We've decided to take our sweet Max back to the breeder we bought him from to be placed in a home where he will have the space, exercise and attention he really needs. This has been gut wrenching for me. I have cried and cried. I know it may sound silly, but he's been ours for 5 years. We were married in Nov of 2003 and one month later brought home our very own puppy to care for. So, in some senses he felt like our first child.

Anyway, Josh is probably going to take him today after work. Objectively, this really is the best thing for us and for Max and we try to sell the house and get ready for this baby in a few weeks. But honestly, I'm anything but objective right now. My hormones are helping either so, if you could, please pray for us today. All three of us love him very much and are having a hard time. Pray for joy and the bigger (and best) picture to be visible.



Hilary Ann said...

I know how little time it takes to become attached to a dog and how strong that attachment becomes. I will definitely be praying for you as Max finds a new home.

Spirit of Adoption said...

Oh wow! I totally missed this! Did ya'll take him? How are you doing???