Friday, September 05, 2008

The numbers

4-- The number of times I usually get up to use the bathroom during the night

2-- The number of times my heartburn wakes me up

46-- The number of Tums Quikpaks I've taken this trimester

2-- The number of cups of coffee I'll allow myself each morning, though it's not enough

4-- The approximate number of clothing items that still fit

2614-- Our house number... a reminder to myself after writing 2416 on the hospital registration form

3-4-- The number of times I check craigslist each day for a double stroller

0-- The amount of meals I have cooked and frozen for after the baby comes

14-- A good guess at how many burritos I've eaten this pregnancy and still counting

6-- The number of things left to accomplish on my to-do list for the baby

1-- The number of dogs we have re-homed to make room for the baby

10-- The number of times we have cleaned the house top to bottom for showings

1 gazillion-- The place where Isaiah falls on the energy/busy-ness scale

9-- The approximate number of times I complain to Josh about some physical discomfort each evening.

9-- The approximate number of times he says, "Uh huh," "I'm sorry, baby" or ignores me

26-- The date we will meet our precious little one

7-- The time the surgery is scheduled for that morning

5:30-- The time we actually have to be there

12 midnight-- When I absolutely have to stop eating before the surgery


Kelly said...

Really excited for finally have a date. Babies are wonderful. So is the end of pregnancy (I mean, the, when it's over).

I can't WAIT to find out what you have!!!!

nicole said...

I feel for you sister! The best part of being pregnant is when you're not pregnant anymore!! :-)

Michelle said...

Have you actually kept track of how many Tums Quickpacks you've gone through? Wish I was around to help you knock some things off of your to do list. Ask for help!

Josh and Dana said...

yes, Michelle, sadly I do know how many I've taken (2 boxes, 24 each, 2 left in box at the time of the post...gone now, of course). And I wish you were here too...I miss you!