Saturday, July 26, 2008

In case Josh ever asks you to make him a sandwich...

let me save you both some time and give you the instructions.

I received these last night with a "Please don't be annoyed with me. I know I'm anal."

Ham and Cheese:

--spread mayo on both sides.
--add cheese to both sides.
--take 5 pieces of ham
--lay the first one across and then fold to the right
--do the same with the second and fold to the left
--lay the third one down and fold the bottom under
--lay the fourth one down but fold the top under
--THEN take the last one and lay it in the middle
with the right and left sides folded under.
--place pieces together carefully and now, to quote Josh,
"every bite is filled with perfectly balanced goodness."


meghann said...

oh my goodness..i had the SAME lesson in sandwich making when we got married! apparently just laying the turkey down in the sandwich is not sufficient, the turkey has to be even, folded just the right way and covering all four corners!!! also, assembling a pb&j is now very scientific!!!!:) but i do have to admit, i enjoy when he makes me sandwiches cause they always taste better:)

Ashley said...

Wow this sounds just like my husband....=D

Kelly said...

THAT is hilarious.

Hilary Ann said...

wow . . . greg and josh are too similar . . . I really should get greg to write down which meats are matched with which condiments, seasonings and bread choices . . . until I met Greg I had no idea there was such an exact science to making an enjoyable sandwich. I can commiserate with you on this one )

Scotty and Lisa said...

HA! I laugh because it seems that many husbands are this way and I guarantee you mine would do the same if he didn't think it might make me too annoyed to write the instructions out for me. I'm impressed (I think) that Josh had the guts to do it! :) Boys, boys, boys...

Nicole said...

HA! I don't know if Jonathan had a specific way of making his sandwiches before we got married, but he knew and still knows me well enough to know that had I received instructions like that, he'd be making his own sandwiches. :-P

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I just have to say that if I even THOUGHT about putting mayo on BOTH sides of the bread, I would gain 10 pounds. Must be nice to be a boy!


Melanie said...

I hope Josh never asks me to make him a sandwich! I hope you all are well!

Mom said...

It must be all you. He is SO easy to please and perfectly happy with the 2 sandwiches I made him the other day. Hee Hee