Thursday, July 24, 2008

Over the past month we have...

1. Spent a lovely week at the beach with Josh's family.

2. Planned and cancelled a getaway to Charleston without Isaiah :(

3. Survived Josh getting all four wisdom teeth out (2 of which were stitches and blood) and looking like an action figure with a very manly, and perfectly square jaw. (That's right sweetie, very manly.)

4. Put our house on the market with a realtor the next morning.

5. Most likely found our next house the morning after that.

6. Stressed considerably over the finances and the future (ok, that was mainly just me).

7. Been freshly reminded of why we trust the Lord with our circumstances and worry-filled hearts.

8. Started and continued reading several really good books...."Stepping Heavenward" by Elizabeth Prentiss, "When I Don't Desire God" by John Piper and "Ministries of Mercy" by Tim Keller.

9. Delved into all kinds of conversations and dreams of where God could be calling us to serve in the future....big change seems inevitable.

10. Are currently trekking through the unknown territory of Josh working a temporary job that is mostly 3rd shift and out of town (tonight is the first night).

11. Painted, packed and bought our first toddler bed.

12. Spent A LOT of mornings walking at the mall with my friend Krisin and her daughter Lily, drinking coffee and letting the kids play.

13. Watched Seinfeld and The Office before going to bed.

14. Gotten increasingly bigger, MUCH less comfortable and tried my best to keep heartburn under control...lots of Tums quikpacs (they taste like pixy sticks).