Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happiness in your wallet

So, lately I've really gotten into reading frugal blogs and changing how I shop and spend money. We could always use free stuff and great deals on groceries....you all know that too as much as I've talked about our finances :)

So far, I've gotten diapers, wipes, cleaning stuff, make up, air fresheners, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, medicine, and some groceries for either completely free, pocket change or I made money on the deal.

One of my favorite blogs is Moneysavingmom.com. She is a godly woman with a husband, 2 small children and a $40 a week grocery budget. It's amazing how she has figured out how to make it work. She has learned how to get TONS of stuff from CVS free and thoroughly explains it. I'm still getting the hang of it (Stacey has been a big help too!) but have already gotten a lot of stuff! It's pretty thrilling!

Anyway, while I don't plan on posting on this very much, every now and then I'll post a few deals if they're really good. In the mean time, go to her site and she links to a lot of other smart ladies doing the same thing.

One thing that I just did is something you may have already seen on Stacey's blog called Revolution Money Exchange which is an online money center that seems to be trying to take the monopoly from paypal (who continuously raise their fees). There are no fees and as a promotion until May 15th they'll put $25 in your account when you sign up (mine showed up instantly and I plan to transfer it to my checking acct). Then, if you choose, you can get an add'l $10 for referring people.

So, if you're interested, click on my link to the left (unless you saw Stacey's first) and see for yourself.

One more thing I saw this morning was a coupon for free bowling. Here's where I saw it and I noticed that Foxfire Lanes in Kannapolis is participating. Sounds like a good date night!

So, I hope this was helpful for those of you pinching pennies like me!