Wednesday, April 16, 2008

4 humans, no dog?

It looks like our blog may need a title change soon. The switch to 4 humans is obvious, but the possibility of taking Max out of the equation is looking more and more probable. I have such mixed emotions about this because we love Max dearly. He's been ours since he was 8 weeks old and we were 1 month into our marriage (I don't recommend getting a dog that early, btw).

He literally has been like a child to us. We spent a lot of time together playing, wrestling, walking and running in the park, hiking, going on trips, play dates with other dogs, etc....until Isaiah came along. I knew Isaiah would change things but I didn't realize how much. That honestly makes me feel really guilty. The reality is that we don't have the space that Max needs to run free in. He's so energetic and full of life and needs lots of exercise. We could give that to him before, but now it's really challenging. Especially when it's just me and Isaiah and him in the house together. Among other things, he started jumping his electric fence a lot and running away, putting me in a bad predicament since Josh usually wasn't home. He was also peeing and pooping in the house whenever we left (he was mad at us) which eventually led to him being put in the garage. We could tell he needed more than we could give and it just wasn't good for any of us.

SO...he's been temporarily adopted by our neighbor who has a fenced in back yard and a boxer named Grace. We give her food and she takes care of the rest. Max has been outside until night when he goes in to her house with Grace and they cuddle up together in a huge crate. It has been WONDERFUL! Although I've shed some tears, it has removed such a huge burden. He has a companion to play with and gets to run around outside all day.

Our neighbor is getting attached to him so we sat down and discussed the options. We ended up agreeing for her to keep him until we know where we will be living after our house sells and we will make a final decision then. I think in the back of our minds we think that we'll regret giving him up if our next house is an ideal situation for him. But honestly, I think he'll end up staying where he is. We'll see....

And on a bit of a side note, we (and by "we" I mean Josh pretty much) have decided to once again not find out what we're having. I protested when Dr. Jones asked us what we wanted to do, but when he sided with Josh I knew I had officially lost the battle (thanks a bunch, Doc).

So, closer to the due date I'm sure I'll post some kind of a poll to amuse myself with, but until then I guess God will be the only one in on the secret :)