Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The thorn in my flesh....

our disgusting problem
(the white stuff is powder that's supposed to lift out stains...yeah right)

The culprit

Since Thankgiving we have been greeted with "presents" from Max at least once a week. It is absolutely driving me mad. We have honestly considered finding another family for him, but, of course we definitely don't want to do that. He's been ours since the very beginning of our marriage.

HOWEVER, this has to change!!! It's completely ridiculous! When the weather is ok he spends most of the day outside, gets plenty, of love (though less attention since Isaiah's come along), goes out to do his business multiple times during the day, has completed 2 training classes, etc. Why is this still a problem?!?

Now, we're looking into ripping out the carpet and installing laminate so we can sell the house. I am furious we're at this point. I have tried soap and water, vinegar, Spot Shot, Resolve for Pet Stains, Urine Gone, powder from Carpet Dry Clean and steam cleaning. So, if you have a magic solution for getting urine out of carpet, training a dog who knows better, or cheap/good laminate solution....I'm all ears!



The Blackburn Crew said...

hehehe! Sorry I have to laugh, we had two dogs when the kids were born. One of which would PUKE everytime one of the kids would cry. Obviously that doesn't really work when you have two newborns crying all hours of the day. We found a new home for the dog, and eventually bought laminate flooring. Which we got really cheap at Lowes, it was a special that they have every few months...I think it was .77/sqft. They don't put it in the adds, you just have to keep checking back...Hope that helps! Oh and someone told us to use that bitter apple stuff so that they won't pee in the same place over and over again...GOOD LUCK!

Shawnda said...

oh man! I'd be SO mad!!! : ( Between the emotions of dealing with $ and a dog you love...GRRRRR!!!!!

I hope you find some of that .77/sqft. stuff!!!

Kelly said...

Just wanted to say UGH with you. :-< I'd be frustrated too!!

Jennifer Gordon said...

Hey! I'm a friend of your moms. She sent me this link so I could hear the little one sing. Here's my solution..it won't help with the carpet but it's what we did before we put in new carpet...a dog door. You can even buy one to fit into your sliding glass door...we got ours at Pet Smart. It cost about $100 and I installed it. It fits between the sliding door and the wall. It instantly solved our problem. We've moved to a new house and had the familiar kind of dog door put into our backdoor. The door was hollow. We had someone do this for us, but he said it was easy. You just cut out a hole using a template and install the door. We don't lose heat or airconditioning and our problem is no more. We're happier and our Daisy Dog isn't ashamed!

Take care!
Jennifer Gordon