Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Are we dull?

I guess there just hasn't really been anything I want to post about. I think I'm in the post-Christmas winter slump. You know, gray skies, cold temps that keep me indoors a lot, doing the day-to-day thing. Not bad. Just not great writing material. I get up, get dressed, make coffee, try my best at a quiet time, get Isaiah up, chase him around most of the day, read some, surf the web some, clean some, cook some, talk with friends some, walk some, wait for Josh to get home, eat dinner, get Isaiah bathed and in the bed, crash.

I remember feeling this way big time as a teacher. It was the thought that made my stomach drop...what am I going to do with these kids until May?!? I'm feeling that a little with work now. Christmas program is I have to actually plan. And don't get me wrong...there's plenty going on and lots of big decisions coming up for us. Things are just fairly "January-ish."

But then I have moments like I just had when my sweet husband comes up to me holding an empty cereal bag and asking me if I want to eat the crumbs leftover from the frosted shredded wheat because it was probably at least 7 or 8 squares worth and he just wanted to consider me (but to not make fun of I'm not, of course :).

It's funny how seasons affect me. I'm really looking forward to spring.