Sunday, January 20, 2008


Here's Isaiah singing his favorite song. Please ignore the lady singing...she's our house cleaner and apparently can't bark in tune.

(we don't have a house cleaner.)


Shawnda said...

SOOOOOO adorable!!!!

Betsy Mauney said...

Hi Josh and Dana!
We heard about your blog through my (Betsy's) pawpaw Gurley and couldn't wait to get to the computer to check it out and see how y'all were doing! Isaiah is precious!!! We just had a little boy ourselves in November - his name is Isaac and he's two months old now. We'd love to catch up with you two!
Take care!
Steven and Betsy Mauney

Meghann said...

That is super cute! (His BYE already has the twang) Why is your maid feeding your child ; )
(I need to see him more often- he has TEETH! Where have I been)