Tuesday, December 05, 2006

First Christmas Practice

So I've decided that we will all wear reindeer antlers for our Christmas card this year (Josh is a little less than thrilled). I found these cute little head bands at the dollar store and thought how bad can it be...they were a buck! And Isaiah's light up!

I thought it might be good to get Isaiah used to the idea before we actually take the pictures and here's what I got. Hard to tell how he feels about it.

I probably should wait to tell Josh about the picture I saw of a family who had their kids all dress up in heavy coats, mittens and tobogans, and stick their tongues to a pole like Ralphie in The Christmas Story. I'll save that for next year.


Nicole said...

He's getting so big! And I haven't met him yet! Love you antlers!!

beth said...

Reindeer in the headlights...oh my gosh, Dana, those pictures are so cute!! Isaiah's really getting big. Hope maybe Erin, Luke, and Jonathan can see him (and you all!)when they're home. Love you all.

Dee Lanier said...

His eyes crack me up!!

Unknown said...

He's a doll. I'll be waiting for the "Christmas story" pictures!!!

PS Toboggans are SLEDS, not HATS! hee hee hee

Unknown said...

Beth, I think thats a great idea. We would love to see them too!

Nicole, we need to arrange a meeting!

Nicole said...

Yes, we do! Is the number in the old directoy how I can get in touch with you??