Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mr. Personality

Mornings with Isaiah are the best! Right after his first feeding of the day his little personality is in full swing.

We just recently pulled his exersaucer out of the box and gave it a whirl. He absolutely loves it! We have to stuff blankets all around him because he jumps so much and flings his little body everywhere when he gets excited. I laugh so hard at him! It's the best entertainment I can think of.

These are such treasured times and so far this is my favorite age (I hear great things about 6 mo though!). I tried to capture some of his adorable little traits and still only got a glimpse on camera but I wanted to share them anyway.

I have a short video clip of him playing in his exersaucer that I will post as soon as I figure out how.

Here's to my Little Man!


Melanie said...

What a cutie pie!!! It looks like you're having so much fun with him. 6 months is a lot of fun...and it just keeps getting better.

michelle said...

Wow, Dana! Isaiah is so cute! I wish I could have seen him when I was back in the US. Hopefully I'll have a little more time next time I'm back!

Anonymous said...


Jenn said...

I can't believe how much he is growing and how cute he is...I hate that I am missing this little guy growing up. Don't know when I will be back in the US but you know that when I am you will be one of the first I see... Love you guys and miss you! Wishing you were here in RSA :)!