Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Voting for Dummies

If you're like me you have tried to ignore all the mailings, commercials, news stories, debates, articles, etc until you became so sick and tired of all the mud slinging liars and cover-upers and realized "Hey, this guy could actually win!" For fear of having to endure these hand-shaking, baby-kissing, bash-you-over-the-head nice, politically nauseating commercials for the next year, I run to my computer and look up the easiest to follow voting guide (I, of course, threw mine away).

Ok, maybe it's just me. So even if you have been paying attention and forming educated views and opinions like a responsible citizen, this could still help you get ready for the polls on November 7th (it is the 7th, right?).

I was convicted of being indifferent and lazy on these issues that will effect us now, but also in a big way at the upcoming presidential election. This mid-term election IS a BIG DEAL.

Check out this easy NC voter's guide and please, go vote.

One more website of interest is It includes voting guides and a strong call on Christians especially to vote (even states not voting as sin).

A quote from the site:
"Each election year, Christians are offered the opportunity to make their voices heard. When the Christian votes, he or she is allowed the chance to set the moral tone for the future of local, state, and national leadership. It is critical that Christians fulfill their biblical obligation and take advantage of their right to vote."