Thursday, October 26, 2006

Christmas traditions, please.

With our new budget and new baby this year, I am trying to get creative with gifts and would also like to start a few traditions that we can continue as Isaiah grows up and we have more children. I need ideas! I know many of you are a wealth of information in this area, so please share!

One idea for a tradition that I came across today was to write Isaiah a Christmas letter every year highlighting that year of his life...kinda like a month by month Christmas update that you send to family. It should be all about him and ways that he grew, special events that happened, things he learned, the anticipation of his birth (for this year), etc. The idea is to keep it a secret and give them to him in a keepsake box when he's 18 or starts middle school...some kind of milestone in his life.

If there has been a family tradition that you guys do or that you did growing up please share that with me. I would also love ideas on how to instill the true joy of celebrating Jesus' birth as well. Creative gift ideas for family are also very welcome (I may do a whole other blog on that!)

Hopefully, this will get the creative juices flowing!


Lene said...

Hei you. Congratulations!! I am so excited to meet Isaiah this christmas, and ofcours his parents ;)Would love to see more pictures :)