Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Three Lines!!!

Yesterday was a really fun day for us because we found out that we're having a girl!!!

I'm not gonna lie. I really wanted a girl. I've been praying for her to come into our family for awhile now, but really wanted to be just as excited to have another fun, cutie-pie boy. {I guess now we don't get to see what my true reaction would have been, but I like to think it would have been the picture of graciousness. ;) }

We hope to adopt one day, so I just told myself...and Josh....that if we didn't have her biologically we would adopt her. In fact, I think my exact words to him were (after enduring a lot of flatulence at my dinner table *again* one night), "You WILL get me a girl. Either biologically or by WILL get me a girl."

I love when God does what I want Him to! We are seriously, SO thankful for a healthy baby ....and, according to the nice tech, we have a very fiesty girl who would barely stay still for her pictures, shoved her head up against the camera over and over and then kicked me with Mia Hamm force. I don't know where in the world she would get that from. ;)

Sorry for the quality of these pictures. They were taken with my sad phone camera.

{Grammie helping Isaiah sound out the word "girl" on the picture.
Once he figured it out, he ran around the house, jumping on the couches
and doing a happy dance for at least 10 mins.
He REALLY wanted a baby sister and has been convinced that's
what we were having all along. I can't wait
to show her the video one day.
He's already a precious older brother to her.}

{At this point, Isaiah was having a melt down and Manny
was the excited older brother. Is this how it's going to
play out?}

{Our beloved Zoe Brennon}


Scotty and Lisa said...

So excited for those 3 lines!! Scotty and I have decided the same- that we will adopt the missing sex into our family. :) In our case, a boy... Praising God for her health and life!

Josh and Dana said...

Ooh, Lisa....we have so much to talk about!!! I love that we get to have babies together!