Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What we do when packed in ice

In no particular order and because I'm a tad bored....

Put the children to work doing manual labor.

Josh has joked before that we should have made Manny's middle name "Labor." Emmanuel Labor. Get it? Yeah, I know.

Josh found my very first trumpet and insisted that I give Isaiah his first trumpet lesson. (We were both music majors and constantly go back and forth about whether or not the boys are talented enough to play our instrument. It's all very mature.)

I think I might frame this one. What a proud moment for me.
(I'm sparing you the video)

I made a few Valentine's Day lovelies!

And finished a few orders...

Josh built a fort for the boys...

I took WAY too many pictures of icicles. But they were really cool!

And finally covered some ugly pillows. I plan to make shams to cover the red ones next.

You can't see the pattern well in the picture, but I love it. AND it's like I got 2 new pillows for $6!

Sweet nap times...

Made the yummy marshmallows I posted about. (Have you made them?!?)

And when I was REALLY bored, I convinced this cutie that he wouldn't look like a girl if he let me put his hair in a ponytail. I don't think he looks like a girl AT ALL...more like a very handsome athlete.
I don't think he or Josh agree with me.

And this may mean that we are near the breaking point and NEED TO GET OUT before I start sewing the boys dresses.


Kelly said...

Yay! You did pillows! Not hard, right?