Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two cutie-pies and a sprinkler

Remember when we were kids and there weren't these fancy-schmancy blow-up pools with obstacle courses, rainforests, exotic animals that sprayed water on you and huge slides?

(I actually really want one.)

Nope. We were content running around naked, chasing each other in the back yard with the hose or jumping through the sprinkler. Who cared if we got chiggers?

(please tell me my sister and I weren't the only ones.)

Today, I introduced the boys to one of my favorite past times.

(taking care of a few manly chores like
washing the bubble mower.)

(rocking the jeans diaper....hey, girls! :) )


nicole said...

LOVE it! And no, you and your sister weren't the only ones!!

Corey said...

We ran through the sprinklers, too!

PS- Isaiah looks like a miniature version of Josh. Seriously, he looks more like him all the time.

Meghann said...

that pic of manny is a MONEY shot!! :)