Monday, June 28, 2010

26,749 pictures of us at the beach

So, we spent last week at the beach. Enjoy the only picture you will see of me.

I'm pretty sure he and God are talking.

Manny met (and therefore I met) at least a dozen strangers. We have no idea who the little girl is on the right in this next picture but she LOVED playing with Manny.

Free babysitting for us. Free entertainment for her. Win-win.

Josh found a mangled crab leg. And then he gave it to the children.

This is what I get from Isaiah now when I ask him to smile. Uhhh....

Who's child is that?

This is what Josh calls being awesome.

(He still maintains that awesomeness is his superpower.)

My view. Not too shabby.


People have asked if they are twins. We say they might as well be.

Manny enjoyed passing his time by bending in half and dunking the top half of his head in the water. I have never seen so much sand in a person's hair.

Well, this.... this is who I married.

Watching a hermit crab who never had a fighting chance once they started "loving" it.

Scar face.

The Tatt.

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream.


nicole said...

I. WANT. TO. GO. TO. THE. BEACH. that's all.....

well, maybe I do have one more thing to say... THOSE KIDS ARE THE MOST PRECIOUS!!! And I'm so glad there are some of Karis...her mommy doesn't post any so I have to rely on you for picture updates!! ;-)

nicole said...
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court said...

LOVE your trip photos! So much fun! the kids are all so beautiful when they are out running in the sand! :)great shot of josh's tatness :) lol! and... i love your comments, they crack me up! "this is who I married... "

Meghann said...

26,749 pictures- don't mind if I do! :) More pleeease.

Love you!a