Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Still my little boy

Tonight, I was getting Isaiah ready for bed and explaining that when he wakes up in the morning he would be 3. I knew what would happen next because it's been building for at least a week now.

I started talking (through tears) about how it makes me a little sad when he gets older because he used to be my little baby and sometimes I miss that. He stared into my eyes very intently and said, "Mom, does it make you sad when I get taller? You're gonna be sad because I'm growing?"

I said yes, but that I was also very happy that he would be 3 and that he is growing. It's just that he was a baby one time and could fit in my arms and one day he wouldn't fit anymore.

He said, "Ok, Mom. But can you hold me?" And I scooped his little body up in my arms and tried not to let him hear me cry. I love that kid.

***While I was typing the beginning of this he was watching the screen and said, "Mom, can you do an "O"?" I wasn't even really listening when he piped up, "Oh thank you, Mommy for doing an "O"!" :)


Kelly said...

So sweet. Happy Birthday, Isaiah.

nicole said...

See, now I'm crying! :-) So sweet! Happy birthday, Isaiah