Thursday, August 20, 2009

Isaiah-isms today...

1. Got home from work today and had to discipline Isaiah. Later Isaiah comes to me....

I: I'm sorry, Mommy.

M: I forgive you, Isaiah. I don't like to spank you.

I: I don't like to spank you either.

2. Made cookies for Dee, Stacey and Karis. Isaiah had one and then begged for sweet forever to have another one. I say no....over and over and over. Isaiah cries some more, composes himself and walks up to me with his head tilted to one side and eyebrows raised as high as they would go.

I: Well, I gueeesss, when we get to Dee and Stacey's house we can have a cookie????

Nice try.

3. Driving home from Dee and Staceys....

I open the sunroof. Isaiah protests loudly and we discuss selfishness....again. I start to unravel.

M: Well, Isaiah, when you're a grown up and have your own car with your own sunroof, you can open and close it when you want to.

I: (mumbling) Well, I am growing.

M: That's right, you are, but right now you are a little boy.

I: But I am growing and I will become a grown up and then I will be in charge. And when I grow will you be a little sad?

Seriously? He really won't let that one little emotional slip-up go.

4. Came home and made pb and jelly for dinner (it was that kind of day)...

I: I got the jelly out for you, Mom.

M: Thank you.

I: You're welcome.

(walks into the living room and gets on the couch)

I'll be riiiiiight back. I need to take a little rest.

Excuse me???

5. 2 seconds later...

I: Ok, I'm back. I got a little rest.

M: (laughing) You crack me up.

( me cut his sandwich into little triangles)

I: Ha Ha Ha Ha! Mom, you make me laugh!


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That is so sweet. You should wake him and squeeze him right now.