Monday, July 13, 2009

Hypothetically speaking...

If a certain daughter (who's got a bit of a rebellious streak) of a certain mom who fanatically ADORES anything Jane Austen were to, in a temporary lapse, decide to actually try this Jane Austen person just to see what the fuss is for, what would you recommend to this made-up, non-fan of 1,586 page books?

I will relay the information to this imaginary girl who may or may not consider reading it.


Hilary Ann said...

Being a Jane Austin lover myself, as well as fan of long books, I wouldn't normally recommend it BUT there are several well done abridged versions of her works out there that can cut the page count down to more of the 378 page range.

Kelly said...

Oh wow. That's tough. I guess I would start by asking what turns you off? Is it just pure rebellion? Too many characters to keep track of? Boredom?
Picking my favorite is like making me pick a favorite child. But I'd say a nice start would be Sense and Sensibility. There aren't quite as many characters to keep track of and it has some wonderful heartache and surprises along the way.
My top three, though, are Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion. Persuasion has the most wonderful love letter ever written at the end of the book. It will take your breath away!

Kelly said...

I meant to add, I think Sense and Sensibility is also the shortest.