Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Topic at dinner: Isaiah's holiness

I: Mommy, God is holy. Jesus is holy.

J: And what does that mean, Isaiah?

I: (long pause) Cause....God...not...sin.

D: That's right, Isaiah! God is holy because He doesn't sin and Jesus never sinned. We are not holy without Jesus because we sin.

I: Uh huh. I'm holy. God is holy and I am holy! (going back to eating and mumbling to himself) I am so holy.

D: No, we are not holy because we sin. We disobey.

I: Well...I'm holy.

(A few minutes later after disobeying and dealing with that)

D: See, Isaiah. You disobeyed so you are not holy. Mommy and Daddy disobey too. We need Jesus.

I: Well, I don't disobey. I'm a boy and I'm holy.

God help us.


Kelly said...

LOL! So...boys are holy, girls aren't?

Ashley said...

Aaron and I thought this was hilarious! =) What a funny boy.

Nana said...

Isaiah thinks about things about which most 2-year-olds have no clue.

Shawnda said...

haha!!! :)

Amy A. said...

Maybe he is just confident of Jesus inside him ;0). So cute. He's a little theologian already!