Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I want a shower for Christmas

Gosh, I haven't posted in awhile. It's funny how busy I get, but then don't know why I'm so busy or what I've been doing. I love when a friend calls and asks, "what are you doing?" and I've got nothing...I don't even know. What am I doing? There is no such thing as a "normal" day around here.

And I STILL can't figure out how people are able to feed their kids, cook dinner, do chores, go anywhere and still get dressed... and, dare I say, even shower! I just can't seem to make it all happen. I know it's a phase, it's a season. But Manny is an easy baby. He's not fussy or needy...so what's wrong?

Ok, so here's what I'm asking: how do you do it? I'm convinced there's a magic secret that you know and that I desperately need to know.. so what is it? Maybe I need to get up a lot earlier. I do go to bed late (stay up for Manny's late night bottle) and thus wake up late (8:00ish most mornings). Maybe I need to start getting flylady's bazillion emails again but I don't have time to read them.

I just want to be able to get some things done in a timely manner such as dishes, laundry, light cleaning and groceries/meal planning. I would also like a shower more than once a week and to get out of my pajamas on days that I don't leave the house (for poor Josh's sake).

Ok..now flood me with wisdom :)

The cute, cuddly reasons I'm dirty.


Ashley said...

Your boys are so handsome! .....i'd say worth being dirty. =)

Jeanie said...

Now I have little experience compared to most other Moms out there, but having a 2 year old and newborn is still very fresh in my mind. And like Manny, Abigail is a VERY easy baby. I can relate very much to how you feel. It was a very humbling season (and still is). I learned how weak I am and how desprately I need God for everything- even getting a shower :) And I learned a lot during those first few months. But I can say from my experience something happened when Abigail turned 6 months...every month there after things got easier. I started trying to add one new thing in each month and waited until I got the hang of it to add another (for example- I focused on keeping the house up, then worked on better meal planning/cooking, then exercise, ect). Anyways, I do know that the biggest thing I learned was that the goal of my day was to have a peaceful heart, not a peaceful day. But once my heart was a peace (resting in God and not my circumstances), then no matter how crazy a day it was, it seemed peaceful. I think I went into "practical mode" first- trying new schedules and such to try to make things work better. But it didn't take long to realize it was my heart before the Lord that needed adjusting first. I don't know if that makes sense at all :) Anyways, praying for you= and sorry to write a book :)

Josh and Dana said...

Jeanie, thanks! I really appreciate your input (and the fact that you read this!). I seem to learning the same lessons...just hadn't put words to it. My perspective on my day, I'm learning, has much more to do with how it goes than the circumstances of my day. And I'm more and more aware of how my mood, stress levels, attitude, etc affects Isaiah. He'll say, "Mommy, are you frustrated?" Wake up call. I will say that this season has definitely done wonders for my prayer life...and for seeing my need for grace in the tiny, minute by minute events of my day. I desperately need a peaceful heart. Thanks again for commenting!

Beth said...

Hey Dana,
Haven't stopped by for awhile and I just read your post after writing a piece over at Ebenezer Stories you might relate to...A little longer view and reminder that your sons will grow up and it will all be worth it. You will even have time for a shower AND make-up.

It is the faithfulness day in and day out and growing in Christ yourself and pouring your love into your men that will bear fruit in years to come.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Stop by sometime if you want to see Erin! I'm sure she'd love to see you.