Monday, November 03, 2008

baby brain

I'm convinced that after the birth of each child I have gotten about 30% dumber. So basically, I can have one more child before I'm full blown retarded. Normal, everyday tasks are harder.
I can't concentrate. I can't talk (yes, I know I said that about pregnancy too). I ask dumb questions. I'm clumsy and drop things ALL the time. I tune out a lot. I forget general information needed to normally function through a day at home.

In fact, I just called a credit card company to complain that I couldn't log into my account. The nice man offered to verify my information for me and, lo and behold, we immediately realized that I had been entering my maiden name instead of my mom's.....I must have re-read that question at least 4 times trying to figure out what possibly could be wrong.

Ah, my poor children.


Michelle said...

Wow! I know how you feel... I feel like I can't get anything done because as soon as I start a kid starts crying or needs something. So then I try to rush through everything which makes me ditsy and clumsy.

Kelly said...

So that makes me...umm...I have to do some math?

As we were driving home on Friday evening, we pulled up beside a golf cart and I asked David if the straps on the back were seat belts. Then I realized that the people they would hold would have to be really, really skinny and would have to stand up to use them.

They were for the golf bags.