Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ah, memories

Last night Josh and I finally watched The Leatherheads. It's the one that came out a while back with George Clooney, Renee Zellweger and John Krasinski (from "The Office"). You may have already seen it or heard about created a lot of buzz around here since much of it was filmed in the Carolinas including Charlotte, Spencer and Salisbury.

We actually really liked it. I thought the plot was a little choppy, but the dialogue was smart, quick-witted and fiesty. Like many Clooney movies (he also directed this one). I have always thought he was funny.

Anyway, cute movie but I think the extras on the dvd were just as good as the movie. Much of it was shot at a stadium in Charlotte that Independence High School uses and the uptown skyline is extremely clear in the background. One of the bonus features shows how they made the stadium shots look like it was back in that time era. They have a split screen with the left side showing what they filmed and the right side showing the finished product after all the special effects stuff. The left side showed our skyline the whole time....pretty cool.

But the coolest thing to us by far were the scenes they shot at the old historic train depot in downtown Salisbury. It was where we had our wedding reception and is just incredibly charming and beautiful to me. It still has all the original floor tiles and I think the fixtures were original as well...we hardly had to decorate. During the commentary Clooney and some other guy were arguing about whether it's still a working station or is. We were told we had to have a security guard to keep passengers from wandering into our reception. What?

Just wanted to share :)

Stadium in Charlotte.

High falootin' folk in the Depot.

Press inside the Depot when the actors stopped by for a few questions after filming.

Here it is....where our life together began. Sigh.
(note: Renee and John by the window having a very important


Kelly said...

Just wanted to let you know that we're watching this movie tonight and I came back here for a frame of reference :-) thanks!