Monday, February 18, 2008

Isaiah's happy reunion with food

Let me explain: Isaiah has always LOVED his food....until he has a stomach bug which is what he's had the past few days. It has been IMPOSSIBLE to please him. He would constantly sign "food" and "please" only to emphatically shout "No!" (his new favorite word...ugh) at EVERYthing we would offer him. He was finally satisfied yesterday for a few short minutes with Jello and part of a popcicle. But today he's eating! He's not quite into all his normal foods yet, but he was happy this morning with honey-nut cheerios (in the pantry, no less) and his first ever peanut butter sandwich at lunch. This is a big deal if you know his dad well.



Shawnda said...

so glad he's feeling better! ; )

Anonymous said...

He warms my heart everytime I see him. Duree