Saturday, January 27, 2007

Drama princess

I love reading blogs that quote cute things little ones have said, and since my little one can't talk yet I'll share a funny moment I had last night with my sister Doria and her daughter Trinity. Let me preface it by saying that Doria has been known to be very dramatic and Trinity (4 yrs old) has inherited that trait and then some. She is also going through a HUGE princess phase.

Doria was standing in the kitchen when we hear a sweet little voice say,

"Your Highness, I'm stursty"

"Oh yeah, that's what she's been calling me these days. The other day she said, 'Oh Your Highness, I love your hair!' and she also now refers to us as 'Mother and Father'."

Other recent quotes from Trinity are (in a very sincere tone):

"Oh, thank you, thank you! I praise you! Thank you!"

"Oh Mother, I just want to make you happy!"

"Mommy say, 'I'm not mad.'"


Kelly said...

Those are TOO FUNNY! She is a riot!

Nicole said...

:-) I think's it cute!