Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the final answer

I admit that before today I knew pretty much nothing about the the Colts or the Bears, however, I decided that I really want to enjoy the Superbowl this year despite our beloved Panthers not being (or deserving) any part of it. I had heard a lot of the hype surrounding the fact that the two coaches are the first African-American coaches to go to the Superbowl.....HUGE. And in all that hype that both are Believers....even better. After reading about the tragedy of Colt's head coach Tony Dungy's son and his faith in God's goodness in the midst of tragedy, I was convinced. What a man!!!

Read for yourself here.


Melanie said...

Yes, it was tragic for Dungy just a few short years ago. He is a good man.

But, I'll be opposing your decision, I must say. It's been since 1985 that the Bears have had a Superbowl win. And the QB for the Bears (Rex Grossman) was a Florida Gator. And the Bears are my dad's hometown team...And (though not as important as the aforementioned items) the Bears have their own SNL skit (well, from the early '90s...but still...)


Kelly said...

Tony Dungy rocks.

And I was equally impressed with their owner, who sounded like he's a believer too, when he accepted the trophy.

I'll be rooting for the Colts, no question. I'd love to see Manning finally get one.

Shawnda said...

OOOHHHH! You just SOLD me! I haven't been able to watch the Superbowl with much enthusiasm for awhile....considering I'm a Cowboys girl! : ) But that was a GOOD article....I'm all COLTS! Wanna come over and watch it with us???!!

Beth said...

Go Colts! That's how our whole gang will be cheering. We were so delighted to see them beat the Patriots (sorry, Kelly). What a comeback! I have always liked Peyton Manning and found it very refreshing to hear both Dungy's and the owner's conmments when they received the trophy last weekend. So, we hope they whoop up on the Bears. Whatever happens, its always fun watching the Super Bowl with my gang of football fans!