Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What I'm learning part 2

22. Lactation consultants are nothing short of miracle workers.
23. My skin would totally change and go crazy after delivery.
24. A shower can be therapeutic.
25. Time with God is still hard to schedule.
26. My husband still thinks I'm beautiful...more stretch marks and all.
27. I CAN stay in the house several days in a row and not go nuts.
28. Isaiah sleeping on my chest is precious beyond words.
29. I already cry at the thought of him growing up.
30. It's a lot easier to be assertive and direct when I need to be.
31. A camera is a priceless comodity.
32. Nothing in the world compares to Isaiah's smile.
33. There's an instant connection with other moms I didn't anticipate.
34. There's a much deeper connection with my mom.
35. Communication with Josh would require a lot more effort.
36. Much advise is given about preparing to be a mom and not enough about preparing your marriage for becoming a mom.
37. Date nights are a MUST....not a luxury.
38. Other moms are the greatest diamonds of wisdom and experience waiting to be asked.
39. I need to be reminded that I was a person before I was Isaiah's mom.
40. Friends that really know me well (Meghann) do that for me.


Kelly said...

These are great, Dana. So true!

Nicole said...

So VERY true! Amazing isn't it??

Mom said...

I love you, Dana!

Beth said...

Guess what...you're going to keep on learning because there are new things to learn with every age. The adventure is just beginning!

meghann said...

And as the only non-mom comment here- this makes me teary- i know you say that I am the friend that knows you pre-mom but it's hard for me to think that there is an area in your life that i can't be as close to you as others can- even if I have every other way...just being selfish. I am teary though b/c these are great- and so honest and lovely.