Friday, July 14, 2006

Testing out the new gear!

Samuel and Keziah are the first to test drive our new baby gear!

Now we can know if it's really "kid approved", although it's hard to tell what Keziah is thinking.

Looks like some more "testing" is needed.


Melanie said...

I can't tell, but is Josh excited about this baby coming? ;-)

Nicole said...

Won't be long until your baby is "testing" it out! I know you guys must be getting pretty excited!!

Unknown said...

Melanie, Josh is soooo excited! He tried to sign up for a "Daddy Bootcamp" class at Northeast and was really disappointed when they told him it was was cute. By the way, I think I saw Patrick walking your dog the other day when I was trying to find Jason and Shawnda's house. I wasn't sure so I didn't say anything. Tell him we said Hey! Do you still walk at concord mills? After the baby gets here I'll need some kind of an excuse to get out and exercise. I would love to meet you if you're still doing that.

Nicole, we are excited but I think overwhelmed is the better description right now. We put off a lot of organizing until now so we've been busy cleaning out closets, the garage, painting the house and moving boxes into the attic. I'm way too big to really be a help to Josh. I think when the nursery is done the excitement will hit us double! By the way, your beach pics with Emma are precious!

Melanie said...

Dana - any baby yet??? Please let me know when you go by Jason and Shawnda's. I'd love to come over for a visit. Yes, I do walk the Mills, but we've been so busy lately that it's been a week since I've been there. You probably won't feel up to anything for about 6 weeks after the baby arrives, but I'll join you when you're up to it! Let me know when Baby comes and I'll bring you dinner.