Monday, July 24, 2006


Picture commentary: This is our crib and changing table. It's dark wood and off sets our bright green room but still nothing on the walls so it's still pretty bright. The baby doll is our "training" baby for Max. We're trying to get him used to having a baby around who gets most of our attention. (I think he's going to have a hard time with that) It also doubles as Josh's prop for his new video monitor. At random times throughout the day and night he checks the monitor to make sure the baby is ok.

My precious husband has been working so hard trying to keep up wth all my demands and "needs" :)

And this is a very swollen and pregnant me. I don't even care about doing my hair these days, but no, I don't have a crew cut.

No baby yet and we have been running around like little headless chickens! The last week and a half have been filled with baby furniture and a million house projects. Last week we went to Fayetteville (which reminded me once again why it is lovingly referred to as "Fayette-nam") with Josh's mom Patti, and brother Chris to pick up our nursery furniture. It is even better than we anticipated! We absolutely love it! Josh's parents are some of the most generous people I have ever met and this was among the MANY baby gifts they have showered on us....we are extremely blessed.

In the midst of assembling a large crib and changing table/dresser Josh and Chris continued in their venture of painting almost the entire interior of our house (Chris was a painter and has been so sweet to help us)! We have wanted to paint for about 2 1/2 years now and just figured that if we waited until the baby comes we'll never do it. Plus, we would like to sell our house in the next year or so and it desperately needed the makeover!

So our house has felt like absolute chaos for the last week with all our living room furniture in the middle of the room, nothing on the walls, no blinds, paint cans, brushes and rollers on the kitchen counters, etc. I've pretty much been locked up in our bedroom until the fumes clear out but I have to say that the guys have done a great job and the house looks SO much better. I feel bad being selfish and wanting everything to return to normal, but it's hard imagining bringing a baby home to what feels like a construction site. At least the nursery is on it's way to being finished (waiting on the glider and ottoman to come in), although there's still work to be done there too.

And by the way, how exactly is one to predict how many onesies, sleepers, pants, etc a newborn will need before growing into 3 mo and up sizes??? This has had me puzzled for days now as I try to decide what to wash and what to take back and exchange. Alll the estimates I've read have seemed so high compared to the number of moms who have told me that their baby was only in newborn clothes for a week. They're predicting this baby to be about 7 lbs but I think it will be bigger.

I have TONS of these questions and am so anxious that I won't have everything ready and clean for when our precious little one arrives. I feel sure this is normal but that doesn't make it go away.

To complicate things a little more, the Doctors have told me repeatedly that because of my severe puffyness in my feet and ankles (and I mean PUFFY!) I am to keep my feet elevated above my heart and keep walking around when I can......say what now?!? Whatever that means I have not done it well, but Josh stays on me about it. It literally takes several hours of elevation for even the resemblance of ankles to appear and as soon as I get up to use the bathroom, eat or whatever they're back to where we started....I give up (until it hurts to walk).

On a positive note, I'm officially 1 cm dialated and the baby has dropped (the Dr felt the head which was weird). When I asked him how much longer he said "could be tonight or 2 weeks from tonight"....thanks (I expected that).

So here are the ramblings of a 1st timer at the end (and biggest) part of these long 9 months. Thanks for having the patience to read it all and please pray for a peaceful heart that makes time to be with the Father as He brings us into this big life change and calling.


Melanie said...

Goodness, you have a lot more patience than I do! I think that if my house was in such disarray, I would have been a mess! :-) I hope that these last few days will be as comfortable as possible. Have Josh check out a couple of good movies and make sure you get some rest. You'll be sleep deprived for a WHILE after Baby arrives! Have you decided on any names yet?

Josh and Dana said...

Hey Melanie,
Our boy name is Isaiah Steven...Steven is Josh and his dad's middle name and his grandfather's name was Steave.
Our girl name is Ella Brennon...Brennon is my grandmother's middle name so first names are our picks and middle names are sentimental family names.
And trust me, I haven't been patient. Josh can attest to that! But the house is finally beginning to come back together and it looks MUCH better than it did! I definitely plan to stock up on good movies soon! Our labor/delivery room has a dvd player....woo hoo! As soon as I'm able I'll definitely call you to go walk. It'll be good to see you and Mallory!

Kelly said...

Wow! Way to go guys! Take a rest!

Nicole said...

It's so exciting, isn't it? Yet so scary at the same time. Your life will never be the same, but you won't want it to be!

I had the swollen ankles at the end, too! I woke up one day, got ready for work and as I was about to walk out the door I tried to put the shoes on I had worn the day before. It was a NO GO! I had to call work and tell them I was going to be late. I had to go to Target to buy "dressy" flip flops (yes, I used dressy and flip flops in the same sentence...funny how you just do what you have to do when you're pregnant)to wear! LOL! But it is quite amazing how quickly your legs and ankles go back down after the baby comes!