Saturday, April 15, 2006

No plane crashes

Well, I'm safely here with all limbs attached. The fight was long and pretty boring (but they at least showed "Narnia") so I was glad to finally land. Meg has been the perfect host and, despite the 40-something degree weather, rain and HAIL (for which I brought no rain jacket or umbrella...I know, I know...Seattleans swear this isn't normal) we ventured out to see the famous Pike's Place fish market. It was a much bigger market with a much smaller "throwing fish" section than I expected. It was full with homemade jams, crafts, paintings, jewelry, fruits, vegetables, belt buckles, handmade soaps, fish and they had the biggest tulips I believe I have ever seen. I also purchased a precious, hand-painted newborn onesie with whales swimming on it and "Seattle" written at the made the reality of a little bundle hit's so cute! We also visited the "original" Starbucks where they sell the famous "Pike's Blend" coffee that is only carried by that store. You're all welcome to come over and try it! The store was absolutely packed with people so I opted for getting my hot chocolate at the grocery store where we made a quick stop to purchase egg dying materials....yes, Starbucks is on every corner and in every grocery store (and I bet you didn't know that Seattle's Best is actually owned by Starbucks....yet they act like tough competitors -- thanks for the factoid, Meg!)

***Pictures: Top -- Super-silly Meghann at the beach for a girl's weekend
Right -- Pike's Place Market (sorry, Gary and didn't know your picture would be on here)
Bottom -- Partial view from Meg's living room that has a wall of windows. This piciture does it no justice. On the right side, when it's clear, she has a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier and the cascade mountains. It's stunning.

More later as our adventures continue....


Deeciple97 said...

Yeahhhhh! Good to see some fam online. When are we going to get some picks of our brother and sister and ???

Nicole said...

I felt the SAME way about Pike's Place Fish Market! I had no idea it was so little and in the Market. I loved it though! Seattle is great! If I lived there, Jonathan would HAVE to bring me fresh flowers at least once a week...there would be NO excuse!!

Check out my profile...we have 2 for the familiy in general and one just for Emma with lots of pictures. :)