Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hmm...Should I order ignorance or responsibility?

Sorry it's been awhile since my last post. The oasis of spring break is now gone and I'm back in the desert....but the end is in sight! Only 20 something days of school left! I should post a countdown, shouldn't I? I'm everyone would be soo interested in that.

So, I've been doing some thinking lately (and "some" is relative), which has brought me to the conclusion that I simply don't think enough. I feel like all the "thinkers" around me are shedding light on my lack of thought. I shouldn't really say that I don't think....I teach 200 middle schoolers a day. One doesn't survive unless they learn to think at least one step ahead....and, trust me, 13 year olds are ALWAYS thinking! I guess I've just been "thinking" about not "thinking" about important things.....but then what one deems important is always changing too. Much of this was spurred on during my trip to Seattle. Meg took me out with some of her friends there, and now, Meg is a "thinker." She stays caught up on current events and has decided thoughts on a whole conglomeration of politically charged topics. She's a faithful reader of Time magazine and the founder of a book club (now, please raise your hand if you belong to a book club!). In fact, she stays in books.....and not just fluffy Christian books. She could map out a Barnes and Noble on a napkin (ok, maybe not). The point is, she's informed. And so are her friends. They were a huge mix of different people but were somehow able to quite naturally fall into conversation about the books they're reading, current issues in politics, religion, how different churches celebrate Easter, etc. I'm embarrassed to say that I felt like a fish out of water that so desperately wanted to swim with them....I had almost nothing to contribute! Maybe that's not true either. I know I used to discuss important issues like that, and I really think that speaking on a 7th grade level all day has seriously stunted my growth! I want to have opinions about the issues that surround us...not because it's the popular opinion but because I have seriously thought through that! DOES ANYONE ELSE EVER FEEL LIKE THIS?!? I feel utterly surrounded by strong opinions (and many really idiotic ones) and I want to know whether I agree or disagree and why. Maybe I just need a good argument. Does this mean I need to start a book club and subscribe to Time? Perhaps it means that I just start paying more attention (which I have, by the way). Our brains are often left unstimulated...never really leaving our daily routine. Our paths of thought are worn and easy to follow...I'm ready to explore new know, think about social security, the 5 points of Calvinism (and why the "L" is so hard to swallow), immigration rights, vaccinations for infants, and the bird flu. Not just who I think will win American Idol (Chris Daughtry all the way).

I hope this makes sense. It probably doesn't since my brain has dissintegrated into to pregnancy mush....but I'm working the muscle more than I have and that's the only way to move forward, right? (I'll figure out my opinion and let you know)


Kelly said...

Dana, I feel this way sometimes. I think one of the keys is surrounding yourself with thinking people, and it sounds like you have already done that. I for one feel like I am struggling to keep up when I only occasionally venture into the adult world. I am REALLY informed when it comes to how to take care of a baby and a toddler, but beyond that my
expertise is limited.
But I try to grab snatches here and there. I love to read the newspaper (when I can get my hands on one), I listen to NPR most of the time, and in general, I try to listen to what people are saying and then make up my own mind.

Oh and too bad about Chris Daughtry, huh? I thought he was going to win for sure, but I've been rooting for Taylor since the beginning so secretly I am a bit pleased. I want the old man (who is my age!) to win.

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